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L’Odyssée de Cartier by Bruno Aveillan

I have followed Aveillan’s productions for 2 years now. His film style has a sense of mystery that is unique to everyone else. I also like his style for several reasons: simple words, intriguing composition of image, skillful use of tension in music and his worldly horizon. Of course, this new Cartier promo video is not short of style and character that he has been renowned for. Only problem with this video? I think the Chinese dragon depicted in this video is not in keeping with the authentic one. How can the color of the body be monotonic and the texture of the skin…well…like a robot…

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Non Tiq - Quiet by Mats Udd

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PAN ASIA by Paul Wex  

I am so impressed by the extraordinarily insightful and captivating images of South Asia. Now it made me want to go to Vietnam for the winter break. See you soon beautiful Vietnam.

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BACK TO SOLITUDE (2011) by Joschka Laukeninks 

Very interesting! Amazing concept of plot - great portrat of a relationship in reverse. So intrigued by the paradoxical narrations. This meets and exceeds my expectations of what a great short film should be. 

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Aww, my favorite time lapse video

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Great work melding art and science together beautifully.

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GOD SAVE MCQUEEN by Babette Pauthier 

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GRIZZLY BEAR - READY, ABLE by Allisons Chulnik

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dim some light and let the ritual of love begin
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I NEED A DOCTOR by Allen Hughes 

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